ICDC Board

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President - Debbie Thompson

Vice President Cheer - Connie Condie

Vice President Dance - Position Available

Secretary - Jessica Gallup

Current Residence: Pocatello, Idaho 

Coaching/Judging Experience: 

  • Coaching cheer and dance since graduated from High school in 1996—roughly 18 years! 
  • Love cheerleading—it’s my passion! 
  • Currently coaches the 3- REPEAT Cheer State Champions of IDAHO--- 
  • Highland High School in Pocatello ID-GO RAMS! 
  • Captured numerous state titles to date- 
  • Choreographer of many cheer routines 
  • I LOVE CHEER” successful camp director 
  • Owner of “Cheer Extreme” in Pocatello ID 
  • Coordinator of ANNUAL successful “Cupids Cheer Challenge” where over 700 cheerleaders participate 
  • Spent Years Judging Cheer and Dance all over Idaho 

Special Awards: 

  • Idaho Coaches of Dance and Cheer Coach of the Year 2009 
  • Highland Education Foundation Hall of Fame Award for Distinguished Service 2011 


  • Married for Almost 16 Years to her sweetheart- 
  • Mother of 5 AMAZING Children:-1 Boy –who is 15 and 4 GIRLS that follow!

Treasurer - Krista Briggs

For the over 30 years, Krista has been judging Dance/Drill Team, Cheerleading, Studio, and College auditions and competitions. She is certified by the State of Idaho as a Technical and Routine judge for dance and cheer. She serves on the State Dance/Drill Team Committee, as Rules Interpreter for the 6th District, and is the treasurer for the Idaho Coaches of Dance and Cheer Association. She is also one of the founders, and Co-Chairman of the 6th District Drill Team Festival. She was a high school dance/drill team advisor for 11 years, and is presently a high school Cheer coach. Currently she owns her own private dance studio, and choreographs for groups and individuals. 

Krista and her husband Bryan are the parents of 6 children.

Membership - Katie Williams

Katie has been involved in cheerleading and dance for fifteen years. Her first six years were spent as a participant. That is where her deep passion for the sport resonates from. After that time, she knew she would be a coach. She coached 9 years at both the Middle School and High School level. She has recently had to take a break from coaching in order to spend more time with her 3 small children. In order to stay involved and keep up on the constant changes in the sport, she gained a new passion for judging both cheer and dance competitions. She has been judging for the last 4 years. She has a passion for Cheerleading and Dance and enjoys every aspect of it. She feels like there is so much for a young person to gain from participating in the spirit programs. Her other interests include running, editing music, teaching piano, volunteering in PTA, and enjoying time with her family.

Communications Director - Angie Smith

Judges Liaison - Irene Alder

ICDC Board - 1 to 8 of 8